Looking forward to, looking forward to, the east wind has come, the pace of spring is near. The beginning of spring

is the first solar term of the 24 solar terms. “Li” refers to the beginning, that is, from today on, the spring of 2021 begins.



We usher in the twenty-four solar terms,

The first solar term,

The beginning of spring.


East wind turns into rain and west wind turns into rain,

The earth is warm and sunny,

Thawing east wind,

Touching mountains and rivers,

Wild ducks playing in the water,

The first to know the information of spring.

Spring is the warmth that comes.


Light rain in Tianjie,

The grass looks far but not near,

Spring breeze turns into rain, moisten things silently,

Spring is the morning warbler fighting for the warm tree,

It’s the new swallow pecking at the spring mud,

It’s the spring of Apricot Branches.

Spring is full of vitality.


Know the east wind surface easily,

It’s always spring,

In spring, willows are early and yellow,

Hydrological new green micro,

It’s a river as green as blue,

It’s the peach blossom on human face.

Spring is a beautiful and colorful day.


So, for Chinese people,

The beginning of spring is an important solar term,

It is the first of 24 solar terms,

It’s the beginning of the new year,

It’s the beginning of a cycle.


At the beginning of spring, there was a custom of “biting spring”,

Eating spring cakes in the early spring is people’s understanding of spring,

“The plan of a year lies in spring”,

But “biting spring” chews radish, then takes the ancients,

The meaning of “if you bite the grass, you can do everything”.


On the day of spring,

Many places still need spring,

Also known as “whip spring cattle”,

Use earth to make cattle, and then use grain,

Kowtow, smash, grab soil, pick up grain,

It’s called seizing the spring, and it’s lucky to win the bull’s head.


The beginning of spring,

The first step is to build,

The beginning of spring is the beginning of spring.

When winter comes and spring comes, everything revives,

Yang and Qizhe, all things are spring.


The beginning of spring,

What we want is hope,

Ice and snow will melt,

Spring is on the way,

From today on,

The first sprouting of plants and buds,

The vigorous vitality is ready to start.


No winter is insurmountable,

No spring will never come,

Spring begins today.



Minkang Cathay.


Post time: Feb-03-2021